Our Goals


Takemusu Aikido Association Italy is a free group of Aikidoka holding at least the rank of 1st kyu.

T.A.A.I. Headquarters is located in Via Cialdini 19, 60027 Osimo (AN-Italy).

Goals of the Association are:

1 - To promote the diffusion of the Aikido as it was taught by its founder, Morihei Ueshiba;

2 - To promote and spread the teaching method of Morihiro Saito Shihan, direct student of the Founder of Aikido;

3 - To preserve and keep the purity and the quality of this pedagogy;

4 - To support its members in spreading the traditional Aikido;

The Association is the only one in Italy acknowledged by Morihiro Saito Shihan to teach and spread the Iwama Takemusu Aikido.

Paolo Corallini Shihan, Aikikai 7th Dan, Iwama Ryu 7th Dan, Representative of Morihiro Saito Shihan and his top ranked student, is the Chairman and Technical Director of Takemusu Aikido Association Italy.

Takemusu Aikido Association Italy protects Traditional Aikido of Iwama and Morihiro Saito Sensei's pedagogy; nevertheless, according to Sensei's final wishes, it devotedly respects Moriteru Ueshiba, Aikido Doshu, his family and Aikikai Foundation.